Plan Summary

What Can I Expect With My Monitoring Plan?

All subscribers will receive the following information on their home:
Current Owner

We provide constant monitoring of your homes active and current registered owners.

Open Mortgages

Has someone taken a mortgage or equity line on your home without your knowledge?

Active Foreclosures

Fraudsters will take out a mortgage on your home leaving you with the bill.

Judgements on Title

Has a company or someone placed a legitimate or fraudulent judgement against you?

Open Liens on Title

Title companies do not always take the proper steps to satisfy a lien.

Tax Liens

Has a tax certificate or tax auction been issued on your home? Were your property taxes paid in full?

HOA Information

HOA’s must register their updated contact information regularly but may not properly notify you, the homeowner. Stay on top of your HOA contact details.

Open HOA Liens and Actions

HOA’s are constantly at fault for not properly notifying homeowners of violations in their community. Do you have any erroneous HOA actions against you and have you been properly notified?

Neighborhood and Value Trends

A Real Estate Agent is not always the best source of information for a true market analysis of your family’s biggest investment. Stay on top of true, unbiased statistics on your home and surrounding neighborhoods.

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